A Sparkling Life

Finding the sparkles in everyday life


Welcome to the wonderful world of Michelle Sparks where all things are sparkling. I live in the wonderful city of Edmonton, Canada home and enjoy daily life as a wife to my wonderful husband, Neil and mother to a too smart for her own good, beautiful girl Amelia.  This blog is about my journey in life as a mom, wife, artist, designer, crazy take over the entire house crafter as well as my journey to get fit, eat healthier and lose a few pounds.

Growing up my mother always did crafts with us, and encouraged our imagination, whether we built cardboard box forts, made candy cane reindeer, of were just drawing on a piece of paper.  I learned to sew at the age of six and I’ve continued to pick up all sorts of art and craft skills throughout my life. All I can say is I’m lucky it doesn’t drive my husband crazy that I often have a ton of projects on the go, and a bad tendency to leave them scattered around the house or wherever I happened to be at the moment. But with all that creativity, there’s always something new to share.

Last year I gave myself some fitness goals, only lost about half the weight I’d originally planned to, but some days life takes over and things don’t go as planned. I’m still deciding what I want to complete in terms of fitness goals this year. Last year a started running after a friend pushed me to sign up with her for the Spartan Race, so I’m thinking about what this year’s challenge is, another spartan or something new entirely.

So join in the fun and follow me in my attempt to bring more sparkles to my life.


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